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(TFT) One day we load up on BB & Pellet guns.

One day we load up on BB & Pellet guns.

   One day we load up on BB & pellet guns and go hiking in the woods.  Mark is
telling me how Darryl shot this snake the other day, only it didn`t die right

   ``It just coiled over itself over and over.``  Mark is passing his hands
over one another showing me what the loops of the snake looked like.  It looks
like a villain washing the knuckles of each hand while scheming to take over
the world.

   So Darryl is leading us along the bayou hunting snakes so he can show me.
But I don`t want to shoot a snake, or see a snake get shot.  Looking at the
back of Darryl`s head, while we walk single file down the path, I`m thinking
`is this how they do it.`  Is this how they turn us into killers.  He want to
slay demons and Mark wants to ride dragons.  That is denied for Darryl.  Now
he wants to shoot snakes.  I sympathize with the snake.  It`s just not fun
unless both sides are in on it.

   The bayou eventually passes under a road at a small bridge.  There is an
abandoned couch up there on the side of the road.  Darryl is looking back and
forth under the bridge, like this is the place.  I just stand there absently
holding a BB gun and hoping he doesn`t find a snake.

   I say ``Let`s go check out that couch.``

   We scramble up the bank.  It`s long, a 4 seater.  The left arm is split and
white cotton padding is spilling out.   The padding is very fluffy, light, and
soft.  Really soft, it`s all cotton.  I wonder what it would feel like to get
hit by a padded couch.

   ``Let`s see if we can carry it.``  So we lift, two in front me in the rear,
riffles slung, and we walk along the road with it.  When we get it all the way
back to Darryl`s house we tuck it behind the compost heap so his stepdad won`t
see it.  I go and get one of our cane swords, duct tape, and bring them to the

   Mark and Darryl watch as I cut the upholstery on the split arm, open it
more, remove cotton wadding and begin laying layers of it along the length of
the sword.  I extend cotton past the end and tape it down.  The entire sword
looks billowy like a q-tip wrapped in silver duct tape.

   Handing the sword hilt first to Darryl I say ``Hit me.``

   He does.

   ``Harder.``  He kinda does.  Again striking my arm.

   ``What are you, a touchy-noon.``

   He hits me really hard with both hands.  It still doesn`t hurt.

   ``Try and break it.``

   Mark takes the sword from Darryl and says ``Here, let me try.``

   With a wicked grin and both hands Mark gives me the full on baseball power
swing.  The flexible pair of cane inside just bounce back.  There is barely
even a pale mark on my arm.  Mark goes again, and again until finally we hear
a crack.  The sword looks kind of crooked.

   The three of us examine my upper arm.  Nothing really.  Barely a red area.
An open hand slap from a game of Batman at school will raise a larger welt.
We immediately get all the cane weapons.  All the tape, and start modifying
our weapons.  No more stinky armor, and we can swing as hard as we want.

   ``If you get hit in the arm you lose the arm.``

  ``If you get hit in the leg do you kneel or hop.``



   ``And a blow to the head or a stab in the chest is an instant kill.``

   ``The foot counts as the leg.``


   ``Yeah, and any weapon you make has to be used against you first.``

David Michael Grouchy II

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