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Re: (TFT) Anybody make a definative guns list?

I agree that guns should be added to a fantasy game carefully, because if they are represented even semi-realistically, and even with no ability to reload during a typical fight, they can alter the tactics and deadliness and balance a lot, and players will naturally tend to focus on them unless there are major disadvantages to them.

There can still be good fun interesting roleplaying with different weapons mixes. But if the GM hasn't mastered the balance of tools in his world, and is just doing something like using a well-balanced setting like Cidri and adding stuff to it, well, an exploration of the balance effects will tend to ensue.

Also, to me, having any gun not do enough damage to possibly kill someone in one shot doesn't feel like it's really a gun. The suggested 1d6+1 pistol damage means you probably need to shoot someone 2 or 3 times to take someone out of combat. Generally, you level a pistol at someone and they're supposed to get scared and maybe put their hands up. A single-shot 1d+1 pistol isn't going to have that effect.

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