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Re: (TFT) test plain text cut/paste

Okay this goes with the Illuminati stuff.

<scratches head>
Didn't SJ Games get in a little tussel with...

The United States circa 2000ish, a top down view.

Population = > 248,765,170 (1990 Census)

3097 Counties, Parishes, and Divisions.

The Republican National Convention called for 2,066 delegates.
The Democratic National Convention called for 4,367 delegates for a total of 4,336 votes owing to fractional votes given to the districts, territories, and commonwealths.

The two major parties garnered 89.98% of the popular vote between them in the 1996 election, 49.25% Democratic and 40.73% Republican.

Five other parties (Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Natural Law, and Reform) garnered 9.89% of the popular vote, leaving 0.13% to other candidates.

 94,683,948 votes for President in 1996 was about 38% of the population. 
50% of this is 47,341,974 votes, or just under 20% of the total population. (possibly about 25% of the adult population assuming about 30% of the total population to be children)

This suggests that control of one of the major U.S. political parties results in voting support of somewhere between one fifth and one quarter of the population on the national scale, and about 50 million votes are required to gain executive control of the country. (The 2000 election will be dealt with in more detail as an example for NOMIC)

With roughly twice as many delegates as the Republicans, it would take twice the effort to control the Democrats, assuming all else to be equal. (it's not)

Control of the Executive Branch consists of:
Executive office of the president
Office of the Vice president
Office of the White House
Office of Administration
Office of Management and Budget
Office of National Drug Control Policy
Office of Policy Development
Office of Science and Technology Policy
Office of the U.S. Trade Representative
Council of Economic Advisors
Council on Environmental Quality
National Security Council
The Cabinet
	Secretary of State
	Secretary of the Treasury
	Secretary of Defense
	Attorney General
	Secretary of the Interior
	Secretary of Agriculture
	Secretary of Commerce
	Secretary of Labor
	Secretary of Health and Human Services
	Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
	Secretary of Transportation
	Secretary of Energy
	Secretary of Education
	Secretary of Veterans Affairs

So let's make a player Figure president.
They have just been elected and it's time for Cabinet appointments.
For simplicity let's assume that there are no permanent  Chairmen, Chefs of Staff, Directors, or other such Nomic variations, rather the newly elected President gets a clean slate to begin with.

That's 14 Cabinet positions and 11 other departments, for a total of 25 Illuminati type Groups to hand out.
Being a player Figure, we'll assume that this Figure is in control of their own rise to power and will make these decisions themselves, rather than more complex (realistic) scenarios like figureheads of the parties and whatnot.

Okay, 25 Group heads to appoint, that's simple, give um to your friends (other players or Followers).

revolution stuff >

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