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(TFT) Casper Hauser

The following information came to me in the form of handwritten notes gathered in a folder marked "Casper Hauser, 2012 - 1666 - 1492 - 1415 - 1347"
I received these together with a notebook labeled "Die Schwarz Tagebuch aus das Dunkel Herr" and an oddly annotated copy of the Bagvagavita with the Huxley intro.
Make of it what you will.
I'll tell you the story of how this stuff came to me, and what I think about it all at the end of this.

The minutest particle of material substance, which cannot be further divided, should be known by the name paramanu. (~10^-42m)

The maximum diameter of the universe as a whole is the largest size possible and is the reciprocal of the paramanu.

Beyond these two limits is the prakriti, which is the source of all things. (Vacuum fluctuation)

Two paramanus make one anu, and it is in the combination that the mind creates the illusion of motion.

Three anus constitute a trasarenu.

Three trasarenus is know as a truti.

One hundred trutis compose a vedha. (Gluth's Inflation)

Three vedhas make a lava.

Three lavas is a nimesa which is the twinkling of an eye (0.003 sec)

Three nimesas compose a kshana, which is a moment (0.03 sec)

The average reaction time runs 1/4th to 1/5th sec.

The average attention span runs about 90min.

One day (12hr @ equinox) consists of four yamas of three hours apiece, as does the night.

15 days and nights constitute a fortnight.

Two fortnights make one month, which is equal to one day and night of the Pitrs or Manes who dwell closest to our own plane of being. (demons, etc.)

Two months make a ritu, which is a season.

Three ritus equal one ayana, which is southerly then northerly by turns according to the sun.

Two ayanas equal one year, which is a day to the gods.

The four yugas (ages) are
1 satya; 4,800 celestial years or 1,728,000 human years
2 treta; 3,600 celestial years or 1,296,000 human years
3 dwapara; 2,400 celestial years or 864,000 human years
4 kali; 1,200 celestial years or 432,000 human years (we are here)
1 celestial years = 360 human years

Beyond the three worlds is the abode of Brahma (Story, Campaign, etc.)
To the Brahma 1000 cycles of the four yugas are a day, and 1000 cycles a night, which makes a kalpa.

Each existence is allotted 100 units of the scale of its sphere and is experienced relatively equally.
Ergo a dog with a given span of 20 years experiences its life five times faster than a human.
Human = 100 years, 100\20 = 5
You leave the house for work.
9 hours later you return home.
The dog freaks.
9 hours * 5 = 45 hours
To the dog it seems like you're gone for almost two full days.

Two parardhas equal the Brahmas span, which is equal to the twinkling of MY eye for I am the all-embracing, immutable, beinningless soul of the universe.
When I am everywhere, where then shall I move?
When I am existence eternal, where then is the face of time?

White blood cells, 13 day life span.
Red blood cells, 120 days.
Liver cells 1.5 years.
Nerve cells are not replaced by mitosis, so 100 years.
The sun is given about 10 billion human years; a human span of 100 years is like a TV commercial (a touch over 30 sec) to the sun.
It's all relative.

Okay, me again.
It goes like this.


It was one of those impatient, demanding kinda knocks that really ticks me off and I decided to ignore the thing on sheer principal.


It must have been something about the firmness and exact timing of the thing that made me change my mind, but I put down my writing and headed for the ladder.


Okay, now I'z getting pissed off.
I clambered outta the attic and yanked the side door open, ready to explode.

The unfamiliarly familiar face behind the door stopped me flat.

"I was afraid of that." Sighed my Mnoren friend from the bar on seeing my reaction.

I was seized by a sensation like being enveloped in a rapidly expanding canvas balloon, and suddenly found myself pressed against the door as it swung fully open with a muffled bang.

"May I come in?" He asked as he swept past me into the house.

The pressure released and I fell away from the door, jaw agape and starring.

"No introductions." He said as his eyes danced around the room.
"You, of course, are known to me as the object of my business wherehince."
"As to myself," He craned his neck to take in the living room, "suffice that the demonic practice of withholding ones true name has its advantages."

"But I digress." He said, returning his gaze to mine, "Let's see this office of yours, I want to see your notes."

I'll not bore you with details.
I did get a bonus for my Bourne style tackle down the ladder, as well as a cracked sternum and a bruised heart. 
Anyway it's not about the dialogue, if you can even call the vague recollection of a fevered dream a dialogue, it's about the folder, notebook, and book.

So what does it mean?

The Hausar thing comes across as attempts to describe something about time that this person is aware of but doesn't fully understand.
It's almost like the guy was a time-traveler that got lost or something, and was desperately trying to find what went wrong.
High Tech implies a high degree of specialty, and Carusoe this guy wasn't.

I think that's where the Bagvagavita comes in.
Not only is it where the majority of that timescale comes from, but the thing is covered with the oddest marginalla.
Oh yes, Huxley didn't care for industrial magic either.

Then there's that notebook.
The whole thing kinda bothers me because "I" call the major villain/antagonist in my gameworld the Dark Lord.
This seems to suggest that the main antagonist of my gameworlds ultimate goal is to escape the gameworld, slay me, and take over my notes.

I don't hold up well under such concepts.

I'm melting, MELTING!

So I suppose my best defense against that maneuver is to disseminate my notes and hope someone else messes around with some of it.
Then he'd have to off both of us to take the whole thing.
Voldermort only has to get Rowlling.

After all, I suppose god is the devils devil, and it always seems safer to stick with the devil you know.

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