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(TFT) Excerpts from the Dark Lords diary

Excerpts from the Dark Lords diary.

I am the circumscriber of the finite, the traveler across the large and the small dimensions of all things.
 I have divined the paramanu, and, as the sculptor comes to understand all the clay of the universe by knowing a single lump of clay, I have found the entrance to the prakriti.

Knowing my own mind thus gives me knowledge of every mind, and so the man who possesses control over his own mind shall surely have control over every other mind.

It is neither the flag nor the wind that moves but the honorable mind that moves.
Time is the motion of the mind.

Mortality is the motion of externalization of the self, thus becoming mind, space, and time.
Thereby the Brahma creates the universe by his day, allowing it to slip into the oblivion of his rest by night and returning to the work his next morning.
"The world of pure reason knows no compromise, no practical limitations, no barrier to the creative activity." -Bertrand Russell

A creative work requires a medium.
A drawing needs a page.
Thinking requires time and space.
Mind is the syntheses of time and space.

Perception changes in terms of space and time according to the nature of the perceivers' mind.
The mind of rock obtains different experience form the mind of man.

To still the mind of this motion is the attainment of immortality.
This is the pure consciousness that transcends time and space, and so mind.
This is the source of the seers' visions, the prophets' foresight, and the root of all knowledge of the unknown.

Vishnudevananda states; "We cannot say how much a man can grow in a lifetime. A Perfect Man, the type that is to come of this race millions of years hence, can come today."
He relates these early arrivals on the Brahmas timeline to great prophets.

The mind of man functions on three levels.
Subconscious / instinctive
Conscious / intellect
Superconscious / intuition
Beyond these is the pure consciousness, called the prakriti.

The subconscious mind, or instinct, directs reflex motion.
Master Sivananda teaches that hypnotic suggestions work by passing instructions directly to the subconscious, which obeys unquestionably. 
The method is to deliver a severe blow to the conscious mind, temporally subduing it.

The intellect stands between the lower mind of instinct and the higher mind of intuition.
Intellect is cold, intuition is warm and alive and brings a rapid growth in abilities along with a reciprocal increase in empathy through a growing awareness of ones relationship with all mankind.

Intuition transcends intellect but does not contradict it.
By this measure shall thy know thy own instinct form intuition.

It is only when man ceases to care for power for his personal use that power comes.
This is eternal Law.

To circumvent such Law is my paradox to solve.
To still ones mind such that time and space slip away into the awareness of god and yet retain cold intellect, thus obtaining the power and unlimited growth of the perfect man for I and I alone.
I must write a spell that will allow me to pursue the path of light, then hypnotizes my higher mind upon attainment, leaving my intellect again in control. Then, having access to both my will and the prakriti, I will be free to prepare for the forth yuga of this day of the Brahma to draw to a close, and as he readies himself to enfold the three worlds for his rest I shall strike him down thus claiming for myself the three worlds, bearer of all things.

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name.
I can see what's troubling you is the nature of my game.
-The Stones

 In me past, present, and future meet - to hold long chiding conference. My lusts usurp the present tense - and strangle reason in his seat.
-Siegfried Sasson

Wouldst thou subject all things to thyself? Subject thyself to thy reason.

He is next to the gods whom reason and not passion impels.

A cancer of thought cannot be stopped by the death of its author.
Jae Mnoren

NOW is the winter of my discontent made glorious summer by this son of Bush, and therefore, since I cannot prove a lover to entertain these fair well-spoken days, I am determined to prove a villain and hate the idle pleasures of these days.

  The world had been waiting for Seabiscuit. In the winter of 1937, America was in the seventh year of the most catastrophic decade in its history. The economy had come crashing down, and millions of people had been torn loose from their jobs, their savings, their homes. A nation that drew its audacity from the quintessentially American belief that success is open to anyone willing to work for it was disillusioned by seemingly intractable poverty. The most brash of peoples was seized by despair, fatalism, and fear.
  The sweeping devastation was giving rise to powerful new social forces. The first was a burgeoning industry of escapism. America was desperate to loose itself in anything that offered affirmation. The nations corner theaters hosted 85 million people a week for 25-cent viewings of an endless array of cheery musicals and screwball comedies. On the radio, the idealized world of "One Man's Family" and the just and reassuring tales of "The Lone Ranger" were runaway hits. Downtrodden Americans gravitated strongly toward the Horatio Alger protagonist, the lowly bred Everyman who rises from anonymity and hopelessness. 
-"Seabiscuit An American Legend", Laura Hillenbrand

You know what they say, when the Dark Lord closes a door he spikes it shut and nukes the place for morbid.
Jae Mnoren

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