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(TFT) baseball

As part of the on going synchronicity I've been experiencing since actually making a concerted effort at getting some of these ideas out there I ran across this recently.

"How To Play Winning Baseball"
1953 Authur Mann

Unless otherwise noted, the quotes in the next few baseball posts come from this work, which makes extensive use of quotes itself.

The Infield

"Great players at the four positions do not necessarily make a great infield. To be outstanding, an infield must be first a trained and coordinated UNIT, with each member ready, willing and able to handle the unexpected."
-John J. McGraw

The over-all position of an infield is a fixed one. It is based on a pattern, not on individual talents. A Big League manager sees his infield as a unit, not as separate pieces. When they play as separate pieces, they fail him.

No infield can stop every ball that comes back. The manager can only play the pattern best suited to stop most of the line drives or ground balls hit by the batter against a given type of pitching.
The biggest factor against infield defense is the speed of the batted ball.
The next biggest is "wrong field" hitting, or the drive to the unexpected spot.
Aside from these two, the infield pattern figures to stop the maximum number of drives by "playing percentage".
The basis of pattern play is the area the players are able to cover or protect.

It's just packed with that kind of info.
How about this one?

A good runner covers 90ft in 4 seconds.
A fair, or average runner will make base in under 5 seconds.
A good throw across the diamond takes about one second.

A hex is about 4.3ft sts.

Or to use another example that popped up recently.
An athletic throw is on the order of 80mph. (a suspiring number of sports have this as a strong attack, from soccer kicks to hockey slapshots)
A longbow achieves projectile speeds over 200mph.
A world record sprint time is around 25mph.
So assuming the 3 Figures were roughly abreast, and the missile attacks to be as quick as possible, how did that poor, peaceful Figure get so far out in front of the blood-thirsty Figures in the first place?
< dramatically removes sunglasses while R.D. screams YEAH >
I think we may have a case for murder!

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