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(TFT) Playing in character

I just finished shovelling 15cm of snow of the driveway and it is still coming
down. What are the chances that the God of winter storms has rolled triple
damage (or 1 on D20 or whatever?) 2 years in a row.

One of the attributes of role playing games that I rarely took advantage of
was the ability to play a character totally opposite to your own real-life
character. In reality I avoid confrontations so I was uncomfortable playing a
Tank in TFT. Example: DM - "You are suddenly attacked by a band of Orcs. What
do you do?"  Me - "Do nothing for 3 turns and then wish I was not here."

This was Ok with my buds who were more than happy to charge in with their 2
handed swords/Battle axes and smash everything in sight while I pinged away
with my little bow annoying the orcs. For some reason, these mild-mannered,
intelligent university students/computer geeks/bankers were quite happy to
play minimal intelligence Grunt/type characters. There was no way that I could
have played a thief cos the idea of secretly taking booty from the group would
not go down well. So I stuck with Bowmen and Wizards and had a very good time
doing so.

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