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Re: (TFT) Playing in character

< I just finished shovelling 15cm of snow of the driveway and it is still coming
down. What are the chances that the God of winter storms has rolled triple
damage (or 1 on D20 or whatever?) 2 years in a row. >

1 on a d20 = 1/20 = 5%

2 on 2d6 = 1/36 (thirty-six being 6 * 6, or the total number of combonations on two dice) = ~2.7%

3 on 3d6 = 1/216 (6 * 6 * 6) = ~0.46%

4 on 4d6 = 1/1296 = ~0.077%

1 on 1d14 = ? (rotflmao)

And yes, I know!
Last years storm made it to the History channel so I'm pretty sure it was a big one.
This year it's the snow.
The year I got up here, I saw snow fall at the beach.
Nothing stuck, but I learned that this is not too common here, a once or twice a decade kind of event.
Snow don't like sea level.
This years Christmas snow droped an inch + of snow across the beach all the way to the Pacific.
The stuff was drifting at the dune line.

This post also makes me curious Mr. C.
I try and leave my players inactive as little as possable.
As situations like party seperation are bound to come up, this means that I'll often give Monster or NPC Figures to players during encounters.
So here's my question.
If I handed you an Orc (uhhh call it a caravan ambush) would this be a problem?
Or consider this, I know you as a PC wouldn't play evil, but under the kind of circumstances described, what if I handed you an NPC Thief?

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