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Re: (TFT) TFT Plans for 2009

An ambitious objective for one year.  I'd suggest that instead you should create some sort of Wiki with well defined sections and perhaps solicit the effort of others in that kind of less formal way.  If, for example, there was a TFT wiki with sections outlining basic movement, actions, character creation, items, monsters, etc.; and if people could create further sub-sections beneath each category then you could see people expanding the content and begin to collect discussions that dive deep into the truly debateable areas of the system.

In my opinion, the books are convenient for most everything.  It's nice to see people publish house rules and supplemental material as well.  But, what I wish could be preserved somewhere is the debates over specific rulings.  After all, it's specific cases that temper a set of rules.

Good Fortune,

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1)  "Codification" of the Melee/Wizard rules to a simpler, "open source"

2)  Doing the same thing for the Advanced Melee/Wizard and In The Labyrinth

3)  I want to do a set of generic, but high quality,  Space Hulk -style

4)  A database of monsters, spells, magic items, etc., which can be spewed

5)  I've always wanted, for my own purposes, the conversion of several 1st

6)  And finally, the one that's unlikely to be done - I want to do Creative
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