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(TFT) TFT Plans for 2009

Greetings, all!  

I know this is long, please read to the end.  I appreciate your comments.

I wanted to pop in and write that one of my resolutions for 2009, as in how
they relate to TFT, was to finally finish up some of my long-standing TFT
goals.  I'm hoping that some of you might be interested enough to lend a

1)  "Codification" of the Melee/Wizard rules to a simpler, "open source"
form that wouldn't be plagiarizing the original rules.  I want to use the
old-school wargame rules format, where there was a system of numbered
headings per significant rule, with sub-headings to cover exceptions.


3.0  Jay Carlisle sometimes has brain vomit into his e-mail program.
        Blah blah blah blah.  Blah blah blahbity blah.
3.1 But sometimes, he produces a gem of wisdom.  Blah blah blah.
3.2 He's always entertaining to read.   Blah.

The entire purpose of this format is to allow open discussions on this
mailing list (and other places) of specific rules.  Players can reference a
specific rule or exception without being ambiguous.  It also allows for
easier editing / revision, as well as version tracking.

2)  Doing the same thing for the Advanced Melee/Wizard and In The Labyrinth
rules, with the hope of reducing redundancies, and clarifying the text.
However, this will be a merge of those rules into the primary document, not
a separate project.

3)  I want to do a set of generic, but high quality,  Space Hulk -style
dungeon tiles, that will allow any sort of dungeon to be represented.

4)  A database of monsters, spells, magic items, etc., which can be spewed
into a PDF.

5)  I've always wanted, for my own purposes, the conversion of several 1st
edition AD&D monsters, spells, and magic items to TFT.

6)  And finally, the one that's unlikely to be done - I want to do Creative
Commons License art for the monsters/magic items, as well as CCL logos and
stuff for the community effort.

Anyone interested in helping me tackle these jobs?

David Jackson
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