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(TFT) Re: Death Test

At 2:44 -0500 1/29/09, John wrote:
Regarding your idea about the rating for monsters:  Do you think "Death
Test" was well-balanced for the 4 character party you could take in?

Let's say it was well-named!

Using the full ITL rule set, including talents, I think it's possible to design a party that will reliably make it through DT, with 4 32-point characters.

Using dwarves will help: +1 on damage rolls.
Using elves won't hurt, but the +2 MA won't come into play that often.

Talents, particularly Tactics, Missile Weapon, Thrown Weapon, Special Weapons talents, etc., will really help. A crossbow once/turn is out of reach for a beginning Melee-only fighter, but with Missile Weapons, he can do it.

More than one Wizard is probably not going to work. There is not enough chance for them to recharge, and a staff is not enough of an effective weapon (but an ITL Wizard with the "quarterstaff" talent might be a whole different deal).

Using basic Melee and/or Wizard only, you'll need some luck IMHO; Edward may be a better tactician than I am.

I have not as much experience with DT2. The 4 36-point ITL dwarves I took in made it by the skin of their teeth, so I assume it's similarly balanced.
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