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(TFT) Re: Female Characters

At 15:48 -0500 1/28/09, Gavin wrote:
So, I ask you:
1).  Who likes to play females?
and, more importantly,
2).  Why?  What is the allure?

	Once. Had fun, would not mind doing it again, but generally don't.

For me, role-playing is partly a matter of acting. It's a challenge to me to "get into my character's head", see the world as he - or she - would see it, and react appropriately. I get enjoyment out of doing something well-timed, alien to me and my friends sitting around the table, but entirely appropriate to the character, more so if the action is unexpected but acknowledged to be appropriate by the rest of the players.

Note, I also enjoy the "munchkin" aspect of FRP games, but its an *added*, not exclusive, pleasure, and I'm often willing to compromise that for the role-playing. I was once upbraided mercilessly for taking a wizard without illusion. But illusion just didn't fit into his character development - so I left it off. (On the other hand, I once played a hobbit librarian. He carried molotails, and did OK in combat.)

So, since I like the idea of playing foreign characters, Wizards that can *fly*, Dwarves that *like* to be underground, elves that will live *forever*, hobbits that can't over-awe *anybody*, and females are all interesting challenges. All of those are different from me, so I enjoy the challenge of playing each of them.

On a tangent, I have toyed for years with the idea of a campaign in which each player plays as himself (or herself). I can't figure out how to have any battles that don't wipe out the whole crowd. Kirk is probably the only person I've played with who might survive a melee.
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