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Re: (TFT) Re: Female Characters

Mark wrote:

For me, role-playing is partly a matter of acting. It's a challenge to me to
"get into my character's head", see the world as he - or she - would see it,
and react appropriately. I get enjoyment out of doing something well-timed,
alien to me and my friends sitting around the table, but entirely appropriate
to the character, more so if the action is unexpected but acknowledged to be
appropriate by the rest of the players.

Mark     210-379-4635


I like to role-play for the same reasons.  It's challenging and exciting for
me to act and react as the character, not as Me.

I too had a librarian, who has been retired and is now the Chief Librarian in
the City of Freeport (NPC), and a focal source of adventure for my party.

I typically GM, but when I am afforded the opportunity to play a character, my
favorite is a middle-aged retired ex-military halfling cook named Squire
Pennywort Bacon ("Penny", for short), who's recipes, potions & salves come in
very handy for the party as a supporting character.  However, for all of his
bluster and talk of military campaigns and faded glory, he's not worth much in
a fight, but stays on the periphery and whirls his sling and shouts un-heeded
commands.  The party humors him and his false pride, and accepts his posturing
with a wink and nudge.

Gavin Gossett
The Fantasy Quest
TFQ Games

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