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Re: (TFT) Re: Female Characters

We did this a long time ago. We used TFT's calculation for determining weight based on ST and reversed it. It's obviously not a scientific approach and should be modified based on a particular persons' physique. I can't recall how we did DX, maybe just put it at 9 or 10 but modified it for those athletic players. We gave a person one IQ point based on grade level (we were high school at the time so this made sense). I think for a really smart guy we added a point. We then figured out what talents people would have based on their real world activities, hobbies, sport participation, etc... We were still teenagers so there wasn't a lot to choose from. Only a couple of guys had any martial art experience, so we gave them UC1. No one had any weapon skills to speak of although I think I had bow talent because of my archery background. We were all about 9 ST, DX 10-12 and IQ of 10, something like that, lower than your standard 32 attribute character. The uncomfortable part was assigning attributes amongs friends. Some players may not warrant a 15 strength despite the weight to strength formula, if you know what I mean. Some players are notoriously clumsy or were not involved in anything that required dexterity; should they get a lower DX? Some players are just plain stupid while others are brainiacs. We were kind and generous to everyone and only deviated from the formula and gave someone a major modification to an attribute or a skill if it was really warranted- but avoided explaining why!

We somehow got transported back in time. My character stumbled across a post-robbery scene where an orc or two had attacked a gypsy wagon type of vehicle. I enter the wagon and start searching around. In walks one of the remaining orcs who apparently came back to forage some more. I freak. The orc comes at me in order to cleave me in two. I had no weapon, so... I ran... I climbed out the window and fell in the process taking small wound. Things looked bad. I ran around the wagon and entered it again while the orc looked for me outside. I found a crossbow, which was something the GM figured I could use since I had experience in archery. I killed the orc with a very lucky shot and started my career as a fighter. I started making a living using some skill I had from the modern times-heck, maybe it was reading and writing, I can't recall. Overtime, I earned enough money to train with a sword and shield and became an accomplished fighter/adventurer. It was a lot of fun.

I highly recommend giving it a try. Since it is rather personal, it works with one or two players best. They can't be heavily combat based at first and if you do the trave-back-in-time thing, ST and DX will suffer the most while IQ will predominate if you base it on education and/or training. Most of our modern skills are worthless in a TFT setting at least if you want a classic hack-n-slash treasure hunt type of adventure. Law, business sense and medicine might have a place in some settings but internet technology or marketing not so much. You might have chemistry (modern), mathematics, a UC talent or two, horsemanship, bard etc.. I don't know, maybe someone out there has a spell or two they're not talking too much about. If you associate with unsavory characters, maybe someone will have thief talent. If you study martial arts that involve weapon training, that REALLY helps the entire group survive. You end up with a lot of XP because you are the one that often has to step up and face the aggressors- you get to be leader though. Might doesn't make right, but it does often determine what happens.


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On a tangent, I have toyed for years with the idea of a campaign in which each player plays as himself (or herself). I can't figure out how to have any battles that don't wipe out the whole crowd. Kirk is probably the only person I've played with who might survive a melee.
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