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(TFT) Real Life characters, back in time

> From: paleryder1@verizon.net
> They can't be heavily combat based at first 
> and if you do the travel-back-in-time thing, 
> ST and DX will suffer the most while IQ will
> predominate if you base it on education
> and/or training.
   So you are saying that modern man is more sedentary yet smarter.  But I submit to you that 10th century European peasants were all 8, 8, 8, and no extra points.  The number of maladies and deprivations they suffered from, on a whole, their smaller size compared to our modern diets, the fact that if one person was even known to have a book it was probably at least one village over, paint a rather grim picture.  But of course I can play it as you describe as well.  Further I have actually played it, just as you describe, that medieval man had higher ST and DX.  
   I only mention the other way of doing it because some times the adventure romanticizes the past.  Sometimes the adventure is rescuing the past.  And sometimes, it's being trapped in the past and desperately trying to get back.  While the GM gently clicks up the level of oppression one notch across an entire continent.
David Michael Grouchy II
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