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Re: (TFT) Re: Death Test

Asking weather Death Test (or any module/programmed adventure/scenario) is balanced is akin to the comment about a power ranking for various critters.
Consider american football.
The NFL has a passer rating, and the NCAA has a power ranking system.
Anyone read the sports page? Because they generate quite a bit of controversy as measures of performance.
More importantly, each rating is valid in its own league only.
But they are both nomally football.

TFT isnt even formalized enough for a rating system form one campaign to hold much validity at all in another campaign.
Balance, Relative Power, or similar such rating systems might be most fairly applied to individual GMs.

Also of note, in closed resource systems, balance becomes an expression of the percentage of used vs. available resources in the module. Count all available treasure, experience, magic, etc.

< On a tangent, I have toyed for years with the idea of a 
campaign in which each player plays as himself (or herself). I can't 
figure out how to have any battles that don't wipe out the whole 
crowd. Kirk is probably the only person I've played with who might 
survive a melee. >

My first suggestion is to have them fight each other.
Or maybe some members from the list will do a "presidents physical fittness" test and post the results.

ST 9
DX 9
IQ ? (Proot!)

All I can suggest for Kirk is an Elk rifel, a deer stand, and a whole lotta distance.
Or the rest of us can start moving in packs?

Gavin, if your still concerned about the curve, dont like the called shots idea, and thought the non-platonic d14 was bad, Ive got non-platonic, non-symmetrical dice.
What if achieving a critical was a matter of the players dice rolling skills rather than chance?

Sorry bout the scattered nature of these replies but Outlook and my ISP hate each other.
It's Window$ fault.

< sings to the tune of 'this is the song that never ends >
"Rnaapp won't end
it just runs on and on my friends
win98 just started Task Scheduler not knowing what it was
now its still running the thing
simplly because
Rnaapp won't end
it just runs on and on..."

I'll actually do something about it one day...

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