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Re: (TFT) Play by Post Gladiator Combat

On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 23:15, Sgt Hulka <hulkasgt@yahoo.com> wrote:

> My only disclaimer is that we're using the online melee rules provided
> here...
> http://tft-melee.wikispaces.com/Melee
> ...and those rules seem to have a few house rules hidden within them (like
> having to be in a three-hex straight line for a charge). So if you want to
> join, I'd recommend reading through the online melee rules just to
> familiarize yourself with what's different or "off" from published melee.

That site seems to be an OCR of the "revised edition" and/or 5th edition
Melee (c)1981.

I just checked and the three-hex straight line charge rule is identical to
the copy of Melee I have.


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