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Re: (TFT) Chris Goodwin, OGL version

Don't take my comments too literally. It's TFT. But there are significant changes. I'm saying it's "d20 influenced" for three reasons. First, skills/talents are "opposed". In TFT everything's fixed variables. Roll versus your DX or your IQ and you succeed. In d20 a lot of things are opposed...if you try to lie it's your lying skill versus your opponent's detect lie skill. Whoever rolls best wins. The Chris Goodwin uses that philosophy and introduces opposed rolls.

Secondly, the riding rules are just like the d20 riding rules. Not very simple at all. A lot of judgement calls required by the referee.

The third reason is the way he treats the Initiative phase. There's no roll in the initiative phase. You take everyone's "effective dex" (adjusted dex) and line them up from highest to lowest. Highest goes first all the way down. The reason you don't need to roll is because Movement happens just the way actions do. Highest effective dex moves first, then next highest, and next highest, and so forth. Then, once everyone's moved, in the action phase, highest dex acts first, then second highest, and so forth. 

I'm still working through the rest of the document. Combat feels more like basic Melee than Advanced Melee. I'll post all the differences I've detected between it and TFT when I've finished working my way through.

I'm trying not to make a judgement call on it -- just catalog the differences to make it easier for people to decide for themselves. So please don't take a "d20" influence as any sort of slam. I like d20. 

It's certainly different enough, though, that I think there's still room for a "truer" retro-clone. 

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> Well then I'm totally confused. 
> Is this TFT or is it not TFT?  I didn't 
> really analyze the document that deeply.
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