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RE: (TFT) Chris Goodwin, OGL version

Chris writes...

Thank you, Sgt. Hulka!  You are the first person to read it in that much depth
and give me that kind of feedback.  I will address these more as I have time.
Some of them were in fact mistakes, some were deliberate design choices toward
what I thought made a better game, and some were areas where Melee and/or
Advanced Melee had some pretty specialized rules I couldn't match too closely
without plagiarizing.

In particular, the Casual Riding/Driving/etc.; in fiction and real life, there
are examples of all kinds of people who can ride a horse from point A to point
B, or drive a car, etc., but not necessarily engage in tricks, stunts, etc.  I
wanted to reflect that sort of thing in the game.  I thought I was fairly
specific under the description of Casual Riding about what kinds of hazards
can require a roll.  If that's more detail than most people want or need,
that's not a problem; we can definitely think about getting less detailed, or
otherwise bring back more of the original rules.


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