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Re: (TFT) Ah! What fresh hell is this?

----- Original Message ----- From: "Joe Hartley"

Anywho, I'd appreacieate any off List tips or tricks for getting legacy stuff going under this Vi$ta < bites tounge >.

I'm so sorry.  I wouldn't wish Fista on my worst enemy.

/M$ free and loving it
//Slashies stolen from Fark

Again, NOW he tells me!
< smiles >
It's almost 5am here and I'm still up with this thing doing updates.
The suns coming up, I need coffee and have to go take humming bird pictures.
Half the things Fi$ta does behind my back, the other half it questions me about.
"Are you SURE you want to read the new e-mail you just clicked read on?"
< frowns >
Congrads! You just spent the better part of a K on a monthly bill generator.

Why did they send the thing with the Wi-Fi turned on when it has a (software) Modem?
That's kinda like scratching their ass before they make my burger y'know?

Anyway this is testing to see if I got the new Outlook what aint called Outlook configed...

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