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Re: (TFT) Momentum

I'm sure this board has addressed the varying opinions concerning stats.  To simplify things in my own mind, I have the following scale:

Townsfolk - ST 7-9, DX 9, IQ 6-10
Healthy Farm Worker - ST 10, DX 10, IQ 6-8
Olympic Gymnist - ST 14, DX 16, IQ 10
Gladiator - ST 16, DX 14, IQ 10
Champion/Hero - ST 18, DX 16, IQ 12

With 32 being the starting point count for a new character, I'd argue that 12 is not is the average stat.  Average on 3 dice is 11.5, that's true.  But, an average stat is more like 9-10.  I start non-combat npc's at 28 points and grant them a point or two according to experience.  

Should ST be tied to size?  Not necessisarily.  Dwarves can carry more treasure with the same strength as any other figure.  But clearly, since ST is tied to the number of hits you can take, the larger a creature is, the more hitpoints it must have.  Size also creates a relative scale to determine what is "heavy" and what is "light".  

Imagine a creature that is one Megahex large.  That's a 7 hex figure in a compact form.  I've introduced a Titan in such a configuration.  And, the way that I played him was to switch megahexes into Hexes.  Consider that a giant sized man who takes up one megahex would see a megahex as normal sized men see a regular hex.  So, something that we would consider large, like a one hex boulder, would be 1/7 the size and weight when you consider the Titan's relative size.  To him, our one hex boulder would be a nice-size rock.  Thrown and missle weapon adjustments are also made on the larger scale.  So, he could throw the same rock three times as far with the same accuracy.  

Of course, we don't seem to play 7 hex creatures this way.  But, it does make sense that the larger creature would have a much larger strength.

Good Fortune, 
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