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Re: (TFT) Momentum

My average typical TFT human male stat thoughts are:

Townsfolk - ST 8-11, DX 8-12, IQ 8-12 - 27-34 points
Healthy Farm Worker - ST 9-12, DX 9-12, IQ 8-11 - 27-33 points
Olympic Gymnist - ST 12-14, DX 14-18, IQ 9+
Gladiator - ST 10-15, DX 9-14, IQ 8-11 - 30-36 points
Champion/Hero - depends - maybe ST 10+ DX 11+ IQ 10+ - 40+ points

--- rick.walters@yahoo.com wrote:
>Average on 3 dice is 11.5, that's true.

- No, it's actually 10.5.

>Imagine a creature that is one Megahex large.  ...  To him, our one hex boulder would be a nice-size rock.  Thrown and missle weapon adjustments are also made on the larger scale.  So, he could throw the same rock three times as far with the same accuracy. 

- I only buy that argument if you also make the precision equally larger. That is, he can lob into a megahex-sized target, or hit another megahex-sized figure, using DX adjustments at megahex scale rather than hex scale, but if he wants to hit a one-hex figure, there would need to be a penalty to translate down from megahex-scale DX, since a one-hex figure is a small target at that scale.
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