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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #1215

Mark's response is the correct "by the book" interpretation, but as you can see almost everyone prefers a slightly different version than the rules as written on this point.

I just want to chime in that the range DexAdjustment for thrown/missile weapons is specifically "exempted" from the general rule of who goes when in Advanced Melee. I don't have time to look it up and quote it right now, but it's likely under either Thrown or Missile Weapons.

--- On Wed, 8/5/09, Mark Tapley <mtapley@swri.edu> wrote:

> From: Mark Tapley <mtapley@swri.edu>
> Subject: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #1215
> To: tft@brainiac.com
> Date: Wednesday, August 5, 2009, 7:12 AM
> At 22:14 -0400 8/4/09, Jim wrote:
> > So here's something I was wondering, and I didn't
> really see it in the book.
> > Turn order goes from highest adjDX to lowest,
> correct?
>     Right. I have played both that action
> order is re-evaluated dynamically (which I prefer) and that
> action order is determined at the start of the action phase
> (based on intended actions) and remains the same through the
> phase.
> > 1)  Attacking figures in the sides or rear. 
> I'm pretty sure you will get your
> > turn sooner in this case.  Same as if an opponent
> knocks down an adjacent
> > enemy.  If your turn hasn't come yet, you can
> attack that figure and go
> > earlier right?
>     Right. Say you were adjDX 10 against the
> figure while it was standing, then at adjDX 12 your buddy
> did 8 points and the figure fell in front of you. Your adjDX
> jumps from 10 to 14, so your "turn to act" has already
> passed according to the DX count-off. You are entitled to
> act immediately at that point according to the "dynamic"
> turn sequence that I like to play under; it's as if you had
> adjDX 14 to begin with, but "delayed your action" to adjDX
> 12.
> > 2)  Missile or thrown weapons at long
> ranges.  I don't think this one applies,
> > but I could be wrong.  If you were to throw a
> weapon 3 hexes, would that lower
> > your DX by 3?
>     For purposes of the to-hit roll, yes,
> but I play that it does not lower adjDX for purposes of
> sequence of attack. I could go either way on this, though. I
> can see arguments both ways.
> > 3)  Special bonuses or talents.  If you have
> +3 DX for missile weapons, do you
> > factor that into turn order?  What about if you
> spend a turn waiting to get +1
> > DX next turn.  Is that accounted for too? 
> What about spells that increase
> > your DX?
>     Yes, for all three. Certainly in the
> case of bows, practicing allows you to get shots off much
> quicker, and that seems implicit in the "2 shots per turn"
> rules as well. In the case of "waiting for an opening" I'd
> almost be willing to say that you get to shoot first, with
> the pole weapons, next turn, but that would definitely be a
> house rule.
> > 4)  Special actions like Aimed Shots or Sweeping
> Blows.  If you declare you're
> > taking a sweeping blow, does your turn come at -4 DX?
>     I would say yes, but again could go
> either way on these.
> > 5)  Fighting with multiple weapons.  If you
> have the talent, your 2nd strike
> > is at a lower DX.  Do you attack with both at
> once, or does your second attack
> > come later in the round?
>     Second attack later in the round,
> definitely.
> > Those are all the circumstances I can think of right
> now.  I don't have the
> > rules with me now, but I don't remember reading the
> exceptions to this.  I'm
> > just kind of getting a grasp on the rules now, and
> this is the one thing that
> > I think is most complicated to figure out.
>     Looking over the referee's screen:
> Dazzle spells should slow down everyone affected, IMHO.
> This only matters when the dazzle includes some of the
> combatants but not others, since the wizard casting just
> used up his action. Well, OK, two weapons+ thrown dazzle gem
> would be one other case.
> Rope spells should slow down the victim.
> Shadow/Fire spells should slow down people inside them.
> Invisibility/Blur should slow down people attacking their
> subject.
> Shapeshift to something hard to hit (snake?) should slow
> down attackers (yeah, as if...)
> Related to "knock down" above, if your buddy successfully
> enters HTH from a front hex for his action and he and the
> opponent fall in front of you, your adjDX jumps up by 4.
> Changing how many Sha-Ken you are throwing changes your
> adjDX, and therefore when you attack.
>     Still probably not comprehensive, but
> enough to get the idea.
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