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Re: (TFT) D&D Heroscape

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>From: Jens Alfke <jens@mooseyard.com>
>My idea of a gateway game would be something like Savage Worlds, where  
>the rule book is small and cheap and all but says "don't panic!" in  
>large friendly letters, and where you can do hack-n-slash really  
>easily. (Or, of course, TFT, if only it were in print...)
>I can only assume that D&D benefits from its iconic status as the  
>original RPG, the one everyone's heard of, plus the marketing muscle  
>of Hasbro behind it.

You certainly won't get any argument from me about Savage Worlds!
[Full disclosure]
http://www.darkcitygames.com/swdisplay.php see Sorcerer's manor conversion 
Of course my feeling is that if Savage Worlds were the gateway game, no one would switch to anything else!

I always thought of Savage Worlds as the natural heir to TFT anyway, being based on a tactical game as well.
I get much the same kind of enjoyment playing either game, which is a different kind of enjoyment than I get playing, say, Star Wars.

It's definitely the marketing engine that makes it the gateway game.
I like 4th ed because I think it is trying to get back that "first exposure" concept.
Granted, I thought it was very strange before I actually played it and I'm not sure they really succeeded, but at least it's very easy from a GM's perspective to make up an adventure.

- Marc
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