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Re: (TFT) Breaking TFT

Quoting Margaret Tapley <barnswallow@sbcglobal.net>:
By the way, does anyone know a good method for determining what your
DX is?

Have someone else hold a ruler vertically above your slightly open thumb and index finger. When they drop it, catch it as quickly as you can. Apply some scale, such as 1" = DX 16 - 1 Dx per additional " it falls. This was an old one from D&D days, and works pretty well for TFT, given that a large part of DX is the order in which characters act. I've seen IQ doe as (real) IQ/10, or as SAT/100. We used to do bench press/20 for ST. In high school, those gave me impressive numbers. Now, I suppose, I get more skill bonuses than stats.
Neil Gilmore
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