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Re: (TFT) Breaking TFT

On Nov 2, 2009, at 12:10 PM, raito@raito.com wrote:

Have someone else hold a ruler vertically above your slightly open thumb and index finger. When they drop it, catch it as quickly as you can. Apply some scale, such as 1" = DX 16 - 1 Dx per additional " it falls. This was an old one from D&D days, and works pretty well for TFT, given that a large part of DX is the order in which characters act.
I've seen IQ doe as (real) IQ/10, or as SAT/100.
We used to do bench press/20 for ST.

All of those are IMHO kind of missing the point. The stats in an RPG have to be very general, because they cover such a wide range of activities. DX is reaction time, but it's also manual dexterity, gross- motor skills and agility. ST has to encompass core strength and various muscle-groups as well as endurance and resistance to pain. We do use a single numeric score for IQ in real life, but it's a really poor approximation that's widely seen as too narrow to be useful.

RPGs aren't realistic, no more than their ancestors the board-games and fantasy epics. If you made a realistic RPG it would be really boring  you'd hardly be able to carry any equipment if you wanted to be able to explore tunnels or fight, you'd run out of food and water, there'd hardly be any epic monsters, and after a couple of fights you'd have to limp back home to heal, and likely die of an infection on the way.

Part of the appeal of Melee/Wizard/TFT was that it stripped down D&D (eliminating half the stats and 4/5 of the dice!) and made something that was easy and fun to play. Modern indie RPGs take this to the extreme  in games like Risus there aren't any formal stats at all, just "cliches" you make up.

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