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Re: (TFT) Breaking TFT

On Mon, 2 Nov 2009 12:53:50 -0800
Jens Alfke <jens@mooseyard.com> wrote:
> Part of the appeal of Melee/Wizard/TFT was that it stripped down D&D  
> (eliminating half the stats and 4/5 of the dice!) and made something  
> that was easy and fun to play.

If realistic modeling of real-life were important to me in an RPG, I
would not have stuck with TFT all these years.  I love the level of
abstraction in TFT, which has always hit me as a "good enough"
approximation of things to make it interesting without bogging me down
in "roll-playing".

I appreciate on an intellectual level what Jay and others are doing when
they work on such detailed modeling to get stats to reflect the real-world,
but it's never been the way I'd want to approach a game.

But that's just my take, and I've always welcomed Jay and others like him
who try to extend TFT.

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