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Re: (TFT) Breaking TFT

If realistic modeling of real-life were important to me in an RPG, I
would not have stuck with TFT all these years.  I love the level of
abstraction in TFT, which has always hit me as a "good enough"
approximation of things to make it interesting without bogging me down
in "roll-playing".

I appreciate on an intellectual level what Jay and others are doing when
they work on such detailed modeling to get stats to reflect the real-world,
but it's never been the way I'd want to approach a game.

But that's just my take, and I've always welcomed Jay and others like him
who try to extend TFT.

Yours is a TOTALLY fair view, when it boils down to it, a game is just a game played for entertainment...
You are correct sir!
All I'm shooting for is an ability to describe a "high drama" moment in more detail than a 5 second turn.
Try to write a screenplay in 5 second chuncks.
No kung fu movies, no 300, no slo-motion action.
Conan would NEVER fight kobolds in Action Time... but when he gets to a REAL equal he might get a kick outta the extra "decision moments" his IQ grants him... elseif it all works out in the statistical wash... like insurance.
I don't wanna make it complex or intricate... I'd just like to be able to do things like a footrace. It's a shame that rpgs can't handle a basic like that. We can hit each other with swords in this game but everybody with Running has MA 12 so roll a sixer to see who wins the race... Sad for something that is susposed to be modeling athletics... at least killing each other... I use a LOT of math because I never graduated from high school, much less college, and what little I actually DO know I learned because of these silly games. On top of MY silly story, the younger people I GM seem to think I've got my poop together...
Should I just take that for granted?

What I figure I can do better than a "video game" with this stuff is describe really detailed Actions by Players Figures. Like when they try something apart from fighting.

A 5 second Turn is not something that people easily "visualize".

As a rpg Player, I find that if I'm rolling dice... I feel that the roll applies to a specific action... do I stick my sword in the "bad guy" or not? A 5 second turn could be several minor cuts, or one or two deep ones via a sucessful roll.
Players still see it as a single stroke roll.
My attempts to explain that a good roll dosen't mean anything in particular just confuses the matter...

I guess I AM going too far... but I don't like 5 second turns for EVERYTHING!
"Because I said so" is how to talk to a 3yr old... not a RPG group...
5 second turns end up often like "bang! your dead!" "No I'm not! You missed!" too me...
Why else roll dice?

Just some thoughts...

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