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(TFT) Determining DX

There was an article some years ago (hmmm, maybe about 30) on how to
determine your stats based on your own attributes.  If anyone has this
article please post it!  My memory only serves to remember hazy details.. ST
was determined by how many pullups one could do in one minute, no resting,
hanging only; DX by having someone position a 12 inch wooden ruler between
one's fingertips (with the assistant using the ruler with the 12 hanging
down and holding it by the very top at 0 with the participant holding his
thumb and forefinger on either side of the bottom of the ruler) and then
letting go at an indeterminate time, adding 8 to the number snagged
(rounding down).  IQ was your SAT score divided by 100, or something like
that (old scoring system of max 1600).


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