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Re: (TFT) Glamour Survey

----- Original Message ----- From: "Richard Walters"
Subject: (TFT) Glamour Survey

Happy 2010!

You too.

Below are ten events that might happen while a figure is Glamored (englamored?). In each event, I'm curious to know how you would "describe what a spectator would witness" if a Glamor spell exists on our Hero. Assume that the Hero's Glamor is of an human knight in half-plate, and that the Hero is actually an elf with no armor.

Glamor is a "special" sort of illusion... the whole issue of equipment isn't directally addressed.
as you say, we'll assume equipment is included though.

1. Hero takes off their real clothes.

a Zoolander kindda removing undies w/o removing armor type thing

2. Hero is suddenly drenched by a large container of Gatorade.

a large container of Gatorade dumps on a knight in half-plate.

3. Wizard who cast the Glamor spell dies.

no effect, though the "will it away" equating w/caster death is intresting.

4. Hero is injured and a physicker attempts to heal their wounds.

ah, TFT has poor injury rules so I must make some assumptions with this one. I take physicker to indicate First Aid procedures. in this case I assume you mean a aid procedure that wouldn't make sence preformed on a Figure in half-plate, like placeing a splint over a greave. in such a case I would judge the physicker to appear to go through the motions of placing the splint but the greave is still all that is visable on the shin.

5. Remove Thrown Spell is cast upon our Hero.

hello little elf

6. The Hero is wrapped in Tin Foil, conforming to their physical form. (would we see human or elf)

is this asking weather a small human is proportional to a big elf? I read the spell as a full "whole-body" disguise, so if the Glamor was an exact image of me and I then wraped myself in tinfoil I'd still look like me.

7. Hero is weighed.

elf weight, but if the elf is toteing a stone or two extra...

8. Hero drops his Great Sword, which is really only a short sword.

more on the equipment assumption. in this case I'd have it change on leaving the Figures touch.

9. Enemy spy tries to read emotions in the Hero's face.

is a Glamor "disguise" an 'avatar'? as many other aspects of non-verbal communication like posture and gesture seems directly tied to the Figures direct movements I'd think that, not only would a Figure trained in such things suffer no negatives for reading the face, they possabally could detect things like human emotion in an oger face or similar situations.

10. Enemy successfully disbelieves on initial encounter. (do they notice the glamor being dispelled, or do they just see the elf, or does the spell break for everyone)

enemy disbelieves what? not a Glamor... Remove Thrown Spell, willed away by the caster, death of the subject or Mage Sight for the Figure(s) with Mage Sight only... if they actually SAW the Glamor being cast, I'd suggest the propper way to "disbelieve" is to treat the knight as though it was an elf.

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