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Re: (TFT) A Point of Damage

Hi Gavin,

Um ... before going down this path, I would suggest that you check out
FUDGE, which covers the Light/Moderate/Severe wound system very
well, bringing such concepts as the scale (mass) of the target, the size
of the weapon, etc.

For example, a human fighter swinging a maul at a hobbit might be 
more likely to inflict a moderate to severe injury, while the same figure
attacking a giant would be more likely to inflict a Light to Moderate injury.

The problem with tying a system like this to TFT is that the hit point
system gets tossed out of the window.

Trying to figure out what a "point of damage" in TFT means is, in my 
mind, a bit of a rabbit chase because the system is abstracted.  All it
really means is that inflicting a point of damage on a figure brings that
figure closer to death - albeit that the the hobbit "feels" that point of 
damage a lot more than the giant does.

btw Gavin ... have you been sending me request for updates wrt The
Fantasy Quest?  I haven't answered because it looks like spam - if
you want me to respond, please ask me in a separate email.  Also, 
you owe me a playtest report on DT2010.  :)

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