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(TFT) A Point of Damage

Gavin Gossett
The Fantasy Quest
(615) 944-3805

The problem is that detail = complexity.  For me, the answer is not a more
"detailed" damage system.

Perhaps there is a new and/or different way to handle damage that better
simulates the way a body receives and responds to physical damage.

First thing out of my head:

Instead of counting hit points, we keep track of the Number and Severity of
Light Wound = any hit dealing damage of 1/2 the character's ST or less.
Serious Wound = any single hit dealing damage over 1/2 ST up to ST
Mortal Wound = any single hit dealing damage over ST.  Mortal wounds
continue to bleed and cause damage until a successful First Aid or Healing
is applied.  After a character receives a Mortal Wound, his ST will drop
another point after a number of turns equal to his starting ST.  When ST
drops below Negative Starting ST, the character is dead.

A Light Wound only counts as 1 Hit, not deep enough to do serious damage.
All light wounds are effectively healed in two days.
A Serious Wound deducts full damage from ST.  Each point of damage from a
Serious wound takes two days to heal.
Mortal Wound deducts full damage from ST.  Each point of damage from a
Mortal Wound takes a week to heal.

Any reason to go down a path like this?


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Okay your completely right about that "flesh wound" bit.
In boxing it'd be called a 'glass jaw'.
... however...
Internal wounds require surgery.
I don't like the idea that "rushing into combat" is the risk of a group of 
'flesh wounds'.
This seems biased to me.......
I don't care WHO you are... a ruptured spleen is just that... "Iron Crotch" 
only goes so far...
Shouldn't our statistics help to define such?

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