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Re: (TFT) MA issues, proposed fix

Your proposed sprinting house rule sounds reasonable to me. People with Running probably deserve a bit more of a multiplier.

Rick has some good sprinting house rules in the Thail PBEM game, which also takes tripping into account, and reduced senses while sprinting.

Jay might have another figure in mind for what a more accurate multiplier should be. But it's fun to use your own that's related to your own experience.

You could also figure out what the MPH to sprinting MA conversion is, and then use that for animals and other speeds you can pull from real-world data when needed, so you can't out-run bears, etc.

Mostly though, as an earlier poster said, you can play for many years without it ever coming up in play, largely because practically always, it doesn't matter (or even become noticeable) that turns represent 5 seconds each.

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