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Re: (TFT) MA issues, proposed fix

As a fairly fast young lad, I can say that even much higher speeds are attainable, especially if you are just talking about a 5 second period.

There are a few factors to keep in mind:

1) Carrying stuff. Even if its not heavy, if you are carrying something (especially on your hands, but also a back pack, or things in pockets, etc) will greatly reduce speed. Especially if its heavy, of course. I think this is well represented in the armor rules (Note: I would NOT make sprinting, etc, impossible for men in armor. I just would reduce the max speed, as with normal movement.), but should also be expanded to mention other things. Basically, a man in cloth or less with no weapons (carried in hand or belt) and no back packs should have a speed boost to the sprint.

2) I'd keep your numbers, as they seem pretty good for your average person (and wouldn't require adjusting for minor things, like carrying a club, or having a back pack with not much in it, or even wearing leather, probably). But I'd say that Runners should have a significant boost to their spring speed. Probably something in the 20s.

3) I'd probably change around your rules regarding fatigue and whether you can move in a straight line or not. I like the ideas behind them, but I think they are better applied elsewhere (see point 4). Take your friend, at ST 8.... they'd fall unconscious after running 8 5 second turns. Thats only 40 seconds of sprinting, and they'd go only 156 meters in that time. Fact is, you probably ran a good deal more than that in your tests, and nobody fell unconscious. Its also important to note that Fatigue will also contribute to killing you, which works, but its too easy for that to happen in current rules. Instead, I'd say you should make fatigue kick in after sprinting for, every 3 turns. (actually, just reread your rules, and my numbers are off. Still, i'd make it every 3 turns). As for no turning, I'd allow turning, just reduce turning to one "face" at a time, and you have to keep moving while you turn (probably at least 3 hexes per turn).

4) THEN I'd use your current fatigue and turning rules for the "full on sprint" which should be even faster, but be even more limited.
On May 5, 2011, at 3:08 AM, Jay Carlisle wrote:

----- Original Message ----- From: "Margaret Tapley"
Subject: (TFT) MA issues, proposed fix

I have a friend who I just managed to hook on TFT (by giving him
teasers about the cool new campaign world I'm designing... ha ha...).
This afternoon we were out running around, lifting heavy stuff, and
generally trying to figure out what our attribute scores would be.

I intend to be able to make an argument for the "plasticity" of stats over fairly short periods of time. What just sprang to mind was Blondie healing up from his beating and learning the off hand over a somewhat quick period of time. I'm fat and out of shape after a loooooooong winter of la nina... today was our FIRST day this year that broke 60 out here on the northwest coast at the mouth of the Cloumbia. Hawaian Punches or Pinapple Expresses are assoicated with this cycle and my fat ass is just too old for sopping wet and low 30's with no hope of a clear day so there's been little walkabout for Jay in the best part of half a year. Gimme a month and I'll bet I get all kinds of an exp/stat boost, a couple of points at least.
Also figure your Talents.
Wizards that can perform nifty spells didn't pick them up at the gym.

Neither of us train as runners, so according to the rules, we should
each have MA 10, aka 13 meters in 5 seconds.

In full equipment... call it a 50ish pound pack.
At that speed it's a light trot.
Why does Jay have G.R.I.P.E.S about defining 1 point of a statistic?
Anyway, MA is simple in one reguard.
Movement Allowance is a measure of the distance a Figure can travel in 1 Turn in 1.3m Hexes. I've already posted the MA's for various speeds in the silly english system I grew up in... a 60 mph velocity moves roughly 100 MA in a 5 second Turn for example.
That simply follows from the data provided.
But a rabbit can make the same grade as a horse at comprable speeds.
That tells me ST is NOT related to MA in the way I'm trying to use it as a tool for comunication.
Doxil's are tracers...

Tests on a makeshift track marked on the sidewalk indicated that each
of us can run at least 20 meters (probably more - we only marked out
10 meters...), from a standstill, in 5 seconds. That, of course,
represents a full-out sprint and an unarmored figure, on a flat
surface, running in a straight line.

I have managed to cause myself harm in these kind of "tests".
When did I post about sliceing open my fingers trying to peirce sheetrock with a cheep sword? I've got scars that tell of my attempts to answer questions about a "point" of "something I think is important". "Don't try this at home" is a vanalia type life though... not that I hate vanalia.

So, proposed modification: You can sprint at 150% of your MA, but you
must be runnning in a straight line, and you spend 1 fatigue point per
2 turns you sprint (allowing my friend, at ST 8, to run top speed for
1 minute (12 turns) before he is forced to choose between slowing to
10 hexes/turn and falling unconscious).

This gives:
Base MA: 10 (13 m/turn)
Sprinting MA: 15 (19.5 m/turn)
which more or less fits what we got.

Reasonable? Balanced? I'd be interested in hearing other peoples'

Players want to play Heros!

This is entertainment after all.

Not griping at you specifically here but the next level is how does this work for halflings and giants?

I have nifty access to a beach (and Huey though now I only have access to him).
I can "run" and measure the marks my feet make.
An Olympic level sprinter gets something like 4 strides a second at 2 hexes per stride.
Jays lucky to get half of that.

The "game tools" should help you describe how to preform at levels two or even three times above what you are experianceing in a real- world Frame.
And what about those 2 or 3 levels below?
Do they mean nothing because they want to be Happy at a different level?

How do you eat?

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