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(TFT) Reality in Melee (The Space Gamer #20, 1978), Elephants in war

Here's a Google docs version of "Reality in Melee" by Ronald Pehr, appearing
in Issue #20 of The Space Gamer:


The article suggests Melee equivalent of historial warriors going back as
far as Neolithic tribesman up to the era of Alexander the Great.

The part I found most interesting/controversial is with regards to
Macedonians and their use of elephants. I'm not sure I follow the "driver
and four soldiers" logic, since the small-dragon counter is only 4 hexes in
size. Anyone ever try this?

Here's the relevant text from the article:

"The Macedonians did use elephants in war. Those who have the WIZARD rules
can experiment with this. The Small Dragon counter can be used and rules for
engagement or knocking over one hex figures by a four hex figure apply. An
elephant has ST of 35, DX of 10, MA of 7, and IQ of 6. Its thick hide stops
3 hits. Its trunk does 2 dice of damage. Against a multi-hex figure the
elephant will use tusks rather than trunk of 2 dice + 2 points damage. It
will only step on a fallen figure (2 dice damage) or one who has rolled
under the elephant to attack its underbelly. This is considered HTH combat
except that disengagement is as regular combat.

An elephant can carry a driver and four soldiers. Consider the driver to be
directly in the middle, carrying a goad - equivalent to a club - and the
soldiers will each be in one hex facing outward with missile weapons. They
can only be hit by missiles, pikes or lances from an adjacent hex, or flying
creatures. They cannot be engaged in HTH combat except by flying creatures.
A soldier who falls off, by forced retreat, incurring 8 points of damage, or
if the elephant itself goes down, must roll his own DX on 3 dice. Failure
results in taking 1 die - 3 points of damage unstopped by armor. "
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