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Re: (TFT) Reality in Melee (The Space Gamer #20, 1978), Elephants in war

----- Original Message ----- From: "Cris Fuhrman" Subject: (TFT) Reality in Melee (The Space Gamer #20, 1978), Elephants in war

Here's a Google docs version of "Reality in Melee" by Ronald Pehr, appearing
in Issue #20 of The Space Gamer:


The part I found most interesting/controversial is with regards to
Macedonians and their use of elephants. I'm not sure I follow the "driver
and four soldiers" logic, since the small-dragon counter is only 4 hexes in
size. Anyone ever try this?

Hi Cris.

Nope I've never tried this.
However, my work with proportions tells me that I can get 4 guys packed in "nut to butt" as we used to say in airborne across a hex. There's still about a hands bredth between them... I can get 5 guys across a hex at a Who concert.
Putting 2 Figures in a single hex isn't much of a space issue.
I keep thinking India...
From what I can tell an elephant generally is about as long from head to
flank as it is tall at the shoulder.
Bulls are roughly 10 to 12 feet and the square tower seems to be about a third of the animals length from head to flank. That suggests too me that the towers are roughly 1 hex in area (square-hexes have a square with sides equal to the distance across the hex that is equal in area to the hex so that's easy for me).
That let's me put one Figure in each corner much like the pictures.
The elephant's about 3 hexes long and the middle hex has the tower.
That's how I'd do it. =====
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