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Re: (TFT) Classics Simulated (The Space Gamer #16, 1978): Melee and W izard scenarios

My worlds tend to have a lot of 30 pointers in them.  5 thugs of 30 pts each terrorized a little town, until the party rousted 3 of them, though not without some excitement.  

PCs at 32 pts are already a little bit beyond average.  Once they get up to 36 pts they start to be pretty extraordinary, especially as they get better gear.

But, play the campaign long enough,and you get into the forties, and approach 50 pts - if you live that long.

The thing about Beowulf, of course, is that he is not a simple 36 pt character, the scenario has all sorts of special Beowulf rules, to give him an edge.  So it is designed to reflect the feel of the story, more than convert it to standard TFT.

I mean, really, how much ST do you need to have enough fST to swim the icy sea for 7 days, in full mail and with sword in hand, and 5 days in get attacked by great Krackens who drag you to the bottom, until you slay 9 of them and complete your swimming contest.  

Very few 36 point heros are up to that!

Darn few 50 point heros too, I'd imagine.

The songs of legend don't always convert well to the TFT stats and Melee board.  Depending on which parts you look at, maybe Beowulf has a 16 strength, and special wrestling with Grendal Rules, or maybe he has a 90 strength and can really hold his breath.

It is not the point total that makes a hero, it is the doing of heroic deeds that makes you a hero.  Wiglaf is almost as heroic as Beowulf in the fight with the Dragon (but, ou know, its not his epic).

In any case,I think the Beowulf rules for grendel and his mom probably do convey the feel of the story (at least as I remember it) - I haven't looked at the other bits yet.

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Hm. The numbers for these heroes much better fit the way the stats  
work in my campaigns (most people are more or less starting 32  
pointers, even a 36 pointer would count as a heroic figure, though far  
from a super hero). It seems a lot of people on this group have the  
view that a hero needs to be in the 50s...
On May 8, 2011, at 12:13 PM, Cris Fuhrman wrote:

Also- thanks to Chris for the 3 articles - they are fun.

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