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Re: (TFT) MA issues, proposed fix - and 3 or 30 second turns, what's the dif?

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From: "Jay Carlisle" <Jay_Carlisle@charter.net>

Not trying to be a jerk here, just trying to make my point that I'm talking 
about a specific kind of frame to the adventure that doesn't allow 
"breathing room" for Figures between encounters and in fact encourages the 
players to initiate encounters as quickly as possable.
This is something that becomes useful if you have "powerful" Figures that 
need a chalange.

No jerkiness implied or inferred.  I believe I allowed for the possibility of a 24 scenario, i called them muskateers and cardinals guard, but if you measure it in turns (because no one is looting the bodies and whatnot,ten from a gaming perspective, it is the number of turns that matters, not the number os seconds, since the unit of measure being adopted is the turn.  

Now I am OK with the generalization that a turn is around 5 seconds, so if the party's cook is making breakfast, and I want a 3 minute egg, I need to finish off my combat in 36 or fewer rounds, less my egg be overcooked - the issue has simply not come upfor me over the past 30-odd yrs.

And the whole idea that it doesn't matter if our ideas of a turn are an 
order of magnatitude off bugs the heck outta me.
You'd have a heck of a time bringing your Figure into my game-world and vise 
versa that way.
In other words we could never have a Team of my Figures play baseball with a 
Unit of your Figures because we really aren't playing the same game.
And "I'M" the one argueing for the count in 5 second Turns as given in this 

It may matter in your "beat the clock" scenario, but not in most others.  And as my muskateer example shows, it doesn't even have to matter "in front of the curtain" in a time sensitive situation, if the time is measured inturns rather than seconds.

And our groups could totally play ball together, we would just have to talk about it for a fewseconds first, and the experience mightnot be identical to what had gone on before in the individual games.  I am OK with that, though I get that you are trying to make it possible codify those differences away through the rules and your TFT world almanac.   

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