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Re: (TFT) Melee: New Weapons (Space Gamer #13, 1978) article

On Sun, May 8, 2011 at 16:40, John <johnnyboytmm@juno.com> wrote:

> Hey, waittaminnit!
> those design notes include this. . .
> Yes...a figure engaged with several enemy can enter HTH combat with one of
> them. The others still get a chance to strike before the single figure moves
> IF their DX is higher, since the move-and-attack-HTH action comes in the
> regular attack sequence.
> Which puts to bed the whole "Can you start HTH during the movement phase?"
> question.  It seems the SJ answer is NO.

When I first read that line, I got excited too... but I disagree with your
conclusion that it's a "NO" in all cases. There are TWO actions to attempt
to initiate HTH, one for engaged figures and the other for disengaged.

I think SJ's words merely address possible ambiguities about the first
(engaged) action to start HTH.

The Advanced Melee rules (1980) include some of this clarification. I feel
they contradict your conclusion that HTH can't be initiated during movement

I'll quote AM, p.23, HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT, 2nd paragraph:

"To initiate HTH combat, a figure moves onto the enemy figure's hex. If the
attacking figure is disengaged, this is a regular move. If the attacking
figure is engaged, he may shift onto a figure engaging him to attempt HTH,
even if he is engaged with other figures as well."

Further on, in the 4th paragraph:

"When a figure is attacked HTH, it immediately (that is, still in the
movement phase) rolls one die to determine its defense against the HTH

First, his clarification resolves a question about how a figure engaged by
multiple enemies can "shift" out of engagement from one enemy to move onto
another to attempt HTH. Normally a shift is allowed provided the figure
maintains all engagements. A figure that is engaged by someone in his front
hex and someone in his rear hex would technically not be allowed to "shift"
onto the hex of one of his enemies. SJ's comments seem to say this kind of
shift is OK for HTH.

Second, shifting normally occurs during movement, and the rules state (4th
paragraph) that HTH is resolved during the movement phase. Therefore, such a
shift might "save" the HTH-initiator from attacks from other figures who
have higher adjDX.

I understand SJ's comments to clarify that "yes" shifting out of engagement
is *allowed* for HTH initiation, but that the actual shift has to wait until
the figure's adjDX comes up. He says "move-and-attack-HTH action" after all.

Now, what about the second (disengaged) way to start HTH? I don't think SJ
says anything about it here. I think that the 4th paragraph allows HTH to
start during movement in that case. That is, implicitly only when the
initiator is disengaged.

Did we make progress on this? :-)
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