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Re: (TFT) MA issues, proposed fix

I haven't mapped and played out archery barrages before massive TFT combats. I have calculated and allowed and applied GM discretion to adjust the odds of long-range shots before battles though. And I ran some experiments and calculations using TFT numbers when designing the mass combat system I used to resolve wars as GM.

It's a good point. If the figures for MA are off, it WOULD affect the number of shots that should be allowed to close the distance on archers in the open. The reason it suddenly becomes important there, to my mind, is that the rate of fire of archers IS based on seconds rather than turns. So if you want it to be realistic the number of shots archers can get off against people charging them across a certain distance in the open (adjusting for encumbrance and ground conditions...) then it suddenly does matter than the speed of the charge be in the right ballpark, relative to that rate of fire. The rate of accuracy and injury at different ranges also starts to matter. So does the number of arrows the archers have. So does the question of aiming at groups and hitting people other than a specific target... 

--- mejobo@comcast.net wrote:

Have you done said battles with long distances though? Archers in real  
battles are shooting from a long ways off, and swordsmen need to  
charge across long distances to get to their foes... and then once the  
melee starts, generally only some of the men from each unit are  
actually fighting each other at any given time, the others standing in  
the back, waiting for the opening for them to enter the combat.

Not sure how well this works out using TFT (we generally just turn on  
the TFT combat once the players are in the aforementioned combat.)
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