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Re: (TFT) Mars

On Thursday, August 4, 2011, Joey Beutel wrote:

> No, but there is weather on Mars. Even a "sand storm" in winter (when the
water is all frozen) could move the ice around.

I see what your saying maybe, this could be largely the movement of a
surface dusting (?) of ice crystals rather than a larger scale bit?
The surface snow moves up the canyon with the winter "blows" and melts back
down in summer to re-crystalize and  do it all again.

> Also, last time I checked they think there are conventional storms on Mars
as well....

It's like water... density has effect.
I saw this bit yesterday about parking a smaller body on a bigger one for

So gravity-tugs could pull Pluto into such a "splat" orbit and give Mars a
heavy-gas blanket as well as some nifty valuable "mountains" to strip-mine!
Adjust DX accordingly...
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