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Re: (TFT) Mars - Rick was too hot.

On Tuesday, August 9, 2011, Dan wrote:

> Assuming subsurface water exists in sufficient quantity to support life,
> you think it would ever be possible for humans to live underground in some
> sort of self-sufficient capacity there?

~150 people makes a tribe
~10,000 people make a genetic group that can support a species.
Economically speaking not having to lift water out of Earths gravity-well is
mucho-advantageous so you could get the thing done sooner with that
The more water available, and the more efficient the treatment methods then
the higher a population you could support theoretically, but by the 4
minuet, day, and week rule of thumb actual Air gains some prominence over
Water on a place like Mars.
That's in the rock too.

> Everything I've read suggests that plants do not grow well in artificial
> which, if true, presents a serious problem to developing a self-sustaining
> in space.

Uhhhhh, describe the conditions.
I've done loads of agg research.
I maintain that controlled conditions give controlled results.
Mother Nature out does controlled conditions potentially for the most part
currently but she also can wipe your whole crop out.
You want dependable results in this situation, not max yealds for profit.
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