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Re: (TFT) Mars - Rick was hot.

On Tuesday, August 9, 2011, Denis DesHarnais wrote:
> My understanding was that the potential liquid water may be a form of
> brine.  Perchlorates have been detected on the surface, as have other
> salts.  This would lower the freezing point of water considerably, as well
> as provide potential organisms with a non-photosynthetic means of
> energy.  Does that sound right?

I agree with your information...
As to the question of "sounding right"...

On Earth water is something like 800 times the density of "air".
The Martian atmosphere is something over 150 times less dense, not to
mention composition.
I just don't see major weather effects for water circulation on Mars as we
understand it today.
A lack of potential geological activity suggests to me that a boatload of
pretty salty-water is frozen in a higher geographic location than gravity
would seem to dictate.
I'm curious as to how it gets/got there.
Geologically dead suggests a pretty much leveling of the waters nicht whar?
But then again... I'm just a drunken neophyte, so there's that.

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