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Re: (TFT) Mars - Rick was hot.

> On Earth water is something like 800 times the density of "air".
> The Martian atmosphere is something over 150 times less dense, not to
> mention composition.

Actually it is from 12 to 6 millibar.  Call it 100 times
less dense.

> I just don't see major weather effects for water circulation on Mars as we
> understand it today.

The major weather is caused at Southern Spring when the
majority of the CO2 sublimes and doubles the air pressure.
This causes planet wide weather adjustments, including 
the possibility of a global dust storm.

> A lack of potential geological activity suggests to me that a boatload of
> pretty salty-water is frozen in a higher geographic location than gravity
> would seem to dictate.

Water vapor frosts out everywhere.  If it gets covered
with dust, it is stable at high latitudes.  I expect
that most of the water on Mars is in the north polar
basin in the form of frozen mud.

> I'm curious as to how it gets/got there.
> Geologically dead suggests a pretty much leveling of the waters nicht whar?

nicht whar?
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