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Re: (TFT) Death Test 1, take 4: SURVIVED!

Healing is very rare in terms of game mechanics compared to other systems. In straight Melee and Wizard, it's not mentioned at all. In the MicroQuests, it's handled by the rules of the particular module (like the potions in DT1). In TFT, it exists, but isn't all that common. There are the Physicker Talents, Healing Potions, Wishes, and a Healing Spell (note that original Wizard only contains strictly combat spells). Raising the dead is nearly nonexistent. The Physicker Talents are probably the most common means of Healing. It's more like first aid, in that it only heals a small number of ST, though I allow that Healing to be per wound, which hellps a lot. Takes time, though. When I run a party through DT or similar, I allow 15 minutes after the combat to hang around. This lets Wizards get back 1 ST, and allows the Physickers to do their thing. It raises surviviability a lot. The downside is that I let the NPCs have Talents, too. Potions are the next common. I'm at work, so I don't have the rules in front of me, but I think that each dose only Heals 1 ST. And in my world, 1 dose = 1 liter. So carrying a lot of them is a problem. A Wish will certainly do Healing, but in TFT Wishes are pretty limited, and really only imminent death would cause someone to use ti for that purpose. The spell is pretty high IQ and ST, and so probably isn't something you're PCs have. You'd be more likely to have it on a scroll. Resurrection exists as a very high IQ and ST spell, and I think as a very expensive potion, and that's about it. In my world, characters with Priest and Theologian have no inherent healing abilities whatsoever. There aren't any in the Talent descriptions (or much of anything else, really). I have had PCs who claimed to be from various Orders who did Healing, and those generally took Physicker as a Talent. Haven't had one be a Wizard yet. As far as the religious Talents go, I have those pretty well limited. For a Priest I will, one per session, modify a single die roll that the player cannot see to a favorable result. Two for a Theologian. To the outside world, they just seem a little luckier than eveyrone else. That's it for the game mechanics. The roleplay mechanics get a bit more involved. And remember, in TFT, you have Wizards and Heroes, and that's it.
Neil Gilmore

Quoting gem6868 <gem6868@verizon.net>:
I have finally printed my copy of Wizard.  I don't see any spells that heal
hit points anymore.  Closest is "Aid" and it is temporary.  Are healing
potions the only way to heal hits in TFT?  Or is there a "cleric" added
later somewhere?  I haven't downloaded my Advanced Melee / Wizard yet, nor
In The Labyrinth.
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