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Re: (TFT) Death Test 1, take 4: SURVIVED!

You need 13 ST/11 adjDEX pole arm users for offense, and 11 ST/10 adjDEX spear/shortsword/shield/armor users for defense. And an 15+ adjDEX hobbit can help against the enemy rooms filled with missile attackers.

With the following 24 point figures you ought to be able to make it through:

1. 11 ST 10 AdjDEX Mace, Chainmail, Small Shield (Defense/Blocker)
2. 11 ST 10 AdjDEX Mace, Chainmail, Small Shield (Defense/Blocker)
3. 13 ST 11 AdjDEX Halberd, No Armor
4. 13 ST 11 AdjDEX Halberd, No Armor

The only trouble you'll have with the above are missile rooms. The Chainmail guys will be pretty slow and the missile weapons might be able to take out the Halberd guys before they engage. Otherwise, just engage with the chainmail guys and charge with the halberd guys. 4D hits will knock most enemies down.

You could swap out the chainmail/small shield for leather armor/large shield and have a lot more speed for the missile rooms, but then your blockers have trouble in rooms with a large number of weak enemies that can surround them. Though I don't recall if there are very many of those types of rooms in Death Test. I know there are a few in the Dark City Games modules.

Oh, and the best way to run the enemies, in order to counter the halberds, is have the enemies charge into hand-to-hand combat. The halberds don't get to use the set versus charge maneuver that way.

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> ok, so I made it through with all
> four 26 pt characters.  Despite the fact that none of
> the encountered opposition rolled a critical hit, I still
> had two characters go to <3 hits, and one was at 1 hit
> but was lucky enough to get some potion.  We took the
> Southern route of Several rooms.  Oddly, the monster
> that was easiest and died fastest was the Giant.
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