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Re: (TFT) Daily Life...

Quoting gem6868 <gem6868@verizon.net>:
RE: Tolkein, I think the difference is that Tolkein is writing "Tuchman
history" with the modern mind in mind (so to speak) - things make sense
internally and are explained, b/c that was the background he wanted for his
world.  Vance and Leiber are writing "Herodotus" history, where legend and
rumor are included if that makes for a good read or there's nothing more
conclusive around.

That's ceratinly two ways to write histories.
90% of the population doesn't know the difference between such hard and soft
history, so they keep repeating what they learned in 3rd grade (or much much
worse - saw in movies...especially Oliver Stone films), which was often
erroneous, is now dated, or was so simplified that it holds no real value. Just the other day I heard someone quote the old saw that the Colonists won
the American Revolution by hiding behind bushes while stupid redcoats
marched in straight lines, as though the entire war was Lexington / Concord. The same sort of "everyone knows it" history is repeated about everything
from the Fall of Rome, the role of the Catholic Church, the Crusades, to
WWII and Vietnam.

And knights had to be winched onto their horses because the armour weighed too much. Well, it did happen once, after armour was out of fashion. But that one's been taken to cover 600 or so years of history. As far as mass media goes, one of my friends, a prorefionnal smith (whose degree is in history) knows one of the British museum curators. My friend saw his name as a technical credit on an awful show about history. He asked how it was that the show was so bad. The curator replied that the director would ask him questions, and he would answer. Then the director would do whatever he was going to do in the first place. When my friend asked why he wasn't more upset about that, the answer was that the check cashed just fine.
Personally, I don't mind that people hold fashionable, erroneous or
simplistic ideas - we can't all be experts at everything.  But if you know
you're not an expert or highly trained / experienced in a field, then at
least defer to those who do while you go look it up yourself.  Even a quick
trip to Wiki isn't entirely wasted, I've found, if you're in a hurry - you
just can't take it as gospel.

I mostly use it to see if my memory is what I remember it to be. Which might not be the case with the Healing spell...
Neil Gilmore
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