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Re: (TFT) Daily Life...

At 18:38 -0400 10/3/11, gem6868 wrote:
If I really wanted to get your sheep, I'd remind you that you'd have no
sense of morality whatsoever if it wasn't for "the church" and it's
Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Hm. That depends on how you define "morality"; certainly if Judeo-Christian morality is the only one that qualifies, the statement is true (but tautological).

Feudal Japan had codes of behavior, to which the word "morality" could easily be applied. Harsh ones in some respects and not by any means the same as the Judeo-Christian ones, but serving many of the same functions.

Hindu India had codes of behavior, same notation. The Pacific islanders had tabus, same notation. Many American Indian tribes (not all) had codes of behavior, same notation.

Judeo-Christian morality has a lot to recommend it, and I am grateful for its legacy, but it's by no means impossible that we'd have something comparable without the Church.

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