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Re: Change (was: (TFT) Jobs table: ...)

I'm much more interested in actual working models in game terms when it
comes to play than I am in "history".
History with a capitol "H" is a record of game-play turns, history with a
lowercase "h" is the basic information I use to talk about how I see the
cultures clothes, food, shelter, and lifestyles among other basic questions
that are much easier to simulate with a historic genera rather than build
form minutia totaling whole cloth.
I don't even touch the "religion" bit with a 10 foot pole but rather leave
that dynamic under the more obscure heading of "the Wizards Guild".
Very little room for fun play if arguing theology the whole time... at least
for me.
Ergo I valiantly skip it altogether.
No history there, but it doesn't mess up the configuration of the common
shoe too much I find.
A nice thing about history is the room for speculation coupled with the
specific detail sometimes available.
Rather than argue history I am more inclined to argue
geological/geographical facts.
Your not likely to find much harder than wood in the serengeti for example.
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