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Re: (TFT) Howard Thompson & TFT

On Tuesday, October 4, 2011, gem6868 wrote:
> Well, I know some crackerjack patent attorneys, ...
> Oh, and I'm sorry, I already own the patent on toast.  You haven't been
selling any, have you?

Well there goes my toast selling scheme to fund my gaming habit.
Maybe my bad example will at least prove worthy enough to be used as an
episode in the inevitable CSI-IP-infringers, Lake Worth, TX.
"Thisssss issss the adresssss" <dramatically removes sunglasses> "but itssss
a broom closssset!" <stares into camera> {audio scream} [fade black] {audio
'highest paying song' plays out}
14 minutes of commercial time extolling the virtues of toast.
<open on toast crumbs falling on exposed nipple>
"Gee wiz Arnold, I think it was a mistake to come in here"
Ronald Regan will GET YOU!
Where's my beer?
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